My Story

I’m a Taiwanese-American born in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. Despite going on many trips back-and-forth between San Jose and Taiwan during my childhood, I truly fell in love with traveling when I was 15 years old during a 9-day high school biology trip to Costa Rica. Since then, I’ve traveled to 15 countries, lived on both coasts of the USA, New Zealand, and Brazil, and developed a burning passion for the Portuguese language. In 2013, right after moving back to California from Brazil, I met a French man named William through a whimsical online exchange. After 3 years of sunny California living and several amazing trips, we’ve moved to his hometown of Paris this year and started a new adventure together! Follow along to read about my life & travels (and to gaze at shots of mouthwatering food porn).

Our Paris Stories featured my story of moving to Paris, read it here!

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Most recently, I was working my dream job in San Francisco as Head of Marketing at Feastly. I worked with chefs to create unique and intimate social dining experiences around the city. A typical day consisted of writing about delicious food, tasting a new chef’s handcrafted recipes, then developing a strategy to tell that chef’s story and share their incredible cuisine. It’s a rewarding moment when a curious food lover connects with a passionate chef over an ephemeral culinary experience.

Before Feastly, I was Director of Communications at News for Chinese media in the San Francisco Bay Area. I continue to write freelance pieces for NFC from around the world, you can read my work here.

In 2013, I graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication with a B.S. in public relations and a double concentration in Chinese and Portuguese. Since then, I’ve called San Francisco, Boston, Auckland, Taipei, Rio de Janeiro, and now Paris, my home.

Fun Tidbits:

  • Happiness = retail therapy, geometric-shaped jewelry, crispy baguettes
  • My 3 fiery life passions are travel, culture and language.
  • I’m a secret journal writer, started when I was 10.
  • My overflowing love for doggies cannot be explained with words.
  • I love dancing! Currently: Flamenco, Samba and Tahitian


6 responses to “My Story

  1. So kiddo, “retail therapy” is also one of my favorites! But it’s supposed to be short term or you wind-up like me with a house stuffed full of stuff! So beware!

    • Thanks Katie!! So glad you enjoyed reading! I love New Zealand so much, part of my heart will forever be left there. What part of NZ are you from? I studied in Auckland but traveled a bit all over! I cannot wait for the day I can go back and bring my boyfriend to experience it as well 🙂

      • I’m happy to hear that 🙂 I’m from Auckland! Yes that’ll be very exciting, I’m sure he’ll love it just as much xx

  2. Jocelyn,

    It’s Daisy of THATMuse. I’m so sorryI won’t get to meet you on Saturday, but next you’re in London, please do look me up or coffee in Paris next I’m there?

    Love seeing your international bio!
    Good luck on the treasure hunt!
    Kind regards,

  3. PS/ not for you to post publicly — I can’t find your twitter address, but am posting 3 of Annie’s blog posts giving away 3 Harry Potter bonus answers on Twitter, so have a look there if you’d like a leg up!

    Have fun!
    PPS/ my maiden name is Ho & I’m half Chinese, though sadly I don’t speak Chinese

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