Winter Wonderland In Amsterdam

As a belated v-day gift this year, Will took us for a weekend getaway from Paris to Amsterdam. This was my first time in the Netherlands—and coincidentally also the first time in six years that the canals froze over, so we literally walked on water and watched as the locals ice-skated next to the houseboats. Quite a sight to behold!⛸

Unsurprisingly, it was beyond freezing our first day there, so we café-hopped to escape the cold…and had the most delicious Indonesian dinner (so spicy!🌶🔥) that I’ll dream about for months to come. Seriously, Paris needs to step its game up with Indonesian cuisine! I loved the architecture, especially the hugeee windows and the charming Harry Potter-esque slanted buildings.⚡️Despite the frosty weather, it was a lovely and memorable first visit to Amsterdam–and I’ve already made plans to come back when summer hits!😍



Looks straight out of a children’s storybook, doesn’t it?


This trip was our first experience using HomeAway, Airbnb’s predecessor. 🏡 The apartment was designed in modern Japanese style, with paper sliding doors and all!


Will was so happy while eating Amsterdam’s famous stroop waffles, topped with his faves: nutella, speculoos, powdered sugar🤪 #sugarhigh much??


Considering I was losing feeling in my toes by the afternoon, pho was a necessity.🍜 But it was so cold out that the soup couldn’t stay hot, so we had to settle for ‘luke-warm’ pho! 


We saw the locals next to us sipping on hot water + ginger and I said to Will, “Why didn’t we think of that?!”…then promptly asked for 2 mugs haha. Do as the locals do!😉


Maybe we should bring ChopChicks in Paris to Amsterdam?🍜


Cute terraces looking onto the frozen canal…and look how slanty those buildings are!


Check out that man dog bun. so style. much shaggy.


Ohhh pastries–glorious pastry heaven!! PLUK is every Instagrammer’s paradise, with a trendy menu chockfull of avocado toast and unicorn-themed desserts.🦄🌈



These buildings transport me to a different place in time…🕰


After indulging in a bit too many heavy foods…we decided to go light for Sunday lunch: smoked mackerel teriyaki salad🥗😋


Will got a veggie bowl and Thai pumpkin soup, yummm. 🥑🥕🌿


Loved the natural light streaming in through the window and the vibrant colors of the foods (a food blogger’s dream…)🤩📸


I think I pointed out every ridiculously tilted building and store front we passed by…I wonder: if you put anything round on the ground, won’t it roll across the room?!


A glimpse of our d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s Indonesian rijsttafel feast (a diverse serving of small savory dishes, almost like tapas) from Long Pura. The spicy beef rendang and spicy shrimp were my favorites. Highly recommended, especially if you love your Asian food HOT.🔥🌶


A snapshot of quintessential European lifestyle: beer-sipping & people-watching from the terrace, topped off with the iconic red vespa.🛵🍻


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