Moving to Paris for Love

It sounds cliché, but it’s truly an ‘au revoir’ for now, California. 

Since moving back to the Bay Area from Boston, these 3 years have been filled with life-changing events…

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Trading San Francisco’s hills for Parisian ones…at a busy corner in Montmarte, 2015.

I moved 4 times within San Francisco (the rent is too goddamn high in this city!), worked my most stressful job and developed the deepest appreciation for my parent’s sacrifice at my family’s Chinese newspaper biz, found my dream job at Feastly with the most amazing coworkers & chefs, ate at 70+ pop-ups, traveled to 7 countries and did my first Eurotrip, fulfilled a goal of doing commercial photoshoots, started volunteering at the The San Francisco SPCA, lost my Opus when she went to doggie heaven, and so many more things both happy and sad that will take days to write out…but now I’m moving on again.

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My goofy Frenchie, William.

3 years ago, I met a funny French guy who stuck by my side through all the ups & downs of these formative “real world” years, and showed me a side of my own home that I’d never explored before. It’s funny how often tourists and expats know a city better than the locals because they take all the opportunities to explore everything possible in that place. Falling in love with him wasn’t immediate or at first sight. But it felt only natural as I slowly got to know him and saw his kindness, patience, generosity towards others and of course, his textbook charming French quirks…

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From our brief Eurotrip last summer, my first time in France!

Earlier this year, he quit his job and embarked on a 4-month trek across Central and South America with his brother (I visited them in the middle of the trip in Colombia). When he returned, I transitioned from my full-time job to remote contractor — a happy in-between and an exciting new career path into freelancing. On August 13th, we’re moving to Paris together to start a new chapter in our lives. I’m feeling excited, nervous, anxious, and everything else I suppose one would feel when about to move across the world for love…

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Romantic & cloudy Paris, here I come…

In November, I’m also flying to Taiwan for a few months to visit family and show Will around Asia (it’ll be his first time there). If you’re visiting Paris before then or after the 2017 New Year, please shoot me a message! I’d love to meet up over a tea and some macarons…or we could go for crêpes. 🙂

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I’ll soon be switching from daily tacos to crêpes!

I hope to write a new blog post about life in Paris every week, so stay tuned!

Bisous ❤



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