Snack Addiction: Truffle Avocado Toast

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You know that feeling when you’ve been eating like crap for a few days straight, and your body starts to feel like a walking sack of fatty processed snack foods? Well, I’ve been there many a times. Usually my solution is to drink a ton of water as if I’m flushing all that bad stuff out, but that’s just the first step. The second step is filling your body back up with some healthier snack stuffs, especially for those who just can’t seem to kick the constant snacking habit *raises hand guiltily*. Fear not, as I’m about to share with you a delicious creation taught to me by my amazing friend/co-worker/food blogger Phi!

We had started a little thing at the office last year called #AvocadoFridays, where we’d create a different recipe of avocado toast every Friday morning. Funnily enough, we lasted a whole 2 weeks before we went back to snacking on other delicious things like coconut chips and BarkThins (omg). But this was definitely one of my favorite combinations we’ve put together, and the flavors left me not only blissfully satiated, but healthy enough to be with a spring in my step afterwards!  ❤

Ingredients below:

  • 1 French baguette
  • truffle butter
  • pink peppercorns
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • sea salt


  • Slice baguette into thin slices (toast beforehand if you like it slightly warm!)
  • Generously spread truffle butter onto each baguette toast
  • Cut open, pit, & peel avocado
  • Slice avocado into slivers & place on top of buttered baguette toast
  • Crush some pink peppercorn with your fingers and sprinkle over toast
  • Sprinkle sea salt to taste over the toast
  • Snap a pic of your masterpiece & dig in! Bon appetit!



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